Willpower – The Hardest Habit to Create!

By Harriet Ruby


So this morning I got this email:



Now I could use this as an excuse not to continue running or hitting the gym or I could sign up to a race to force myself to continue running and training and have another goal to inspire my willpower.


Because it’s all about willpower!


I have always struggled with willpower – the birthday cake in the office, the glass of wine on a Friday and worse of all the not going to the gym or going on a run and convincing myself I will get up early the next day and go (which never happens).

Last night was the first test of my will power on this journey – my husband and I went to the driving range to practice for our upcoming weekend of golf. Usually I go to the Costa and buy a big hot chocolate or milky latte and a “treat”. This time I decided to remove temptation and decided to leave my purse at home. I know I am not a changed person over night and this is what this blog is all about – how to make the changes, turn them into habits and make them stick!


Removing temptation


Sadly I can’t completely remove the crisps, sweets, chocolates and biscuits from my house due to the people I live with so its all about moving things around. Move all the things you should not have into one place that you will never go – out of site out of mind.


Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail


Temptation is everywhere, particularly in an office environment and especially when you work in Central London with fast food EVERYWHERE. How do I combat this – I plan. More specifically I meal prep. Every weekend i cook 2 big pot dishes e.g. stir fry, roasted veg with meat and rice, casserole, Stuffed peppers, you get the idea – things that can be cooked in one go and frozen. I then take these frozen portions to work safe in the knowledge that I am getting a healthy hearty and delicious lunch. The prepped meals are also perfect for rushed dinner if you’re late home or out after work… see below.


Know your weak spots!


This evening I am going to the theatre straight from work– usually this would mean grabbing something in Pret, Five Guys or worse KFC. Now I know i could also pop into Sainsburys and grab a salad or have a Healthy option in any other fast food place BUT I know me. Put in Pret with the option of an Avocado salad or a nice Tuna Mayo Baguette the baguette would win especially in this early stage. So what do I do? I PLAN. I have 2 of my prepped meals with me today for lunch and dinner!


Having a partner


I know not everyone is lucky enough to take this journey with their hand held and that is why I wanted to write this blog so that if you’re taking this journey alone you can look at me and know someone else is out there sweating int he gym and eating hummus and celery instead of crisps!

But I have my ever supportive husband and when I feel ready I will tell you about how he very honestly told me how my weight effects him and our relationship! He is setting the alarm at 5am – pushing me out of bed and then joining me there himself as you can see we aren’t too happy about it:


But here we are at 5.15am its still dark outside and its freezing but he gets me there, he makes sure I don’t have 2nd helpings and generally keeps me honest – If you can find a partner it makes this journey so much easier! Go up to someone in the gym and make a new friend, challenge you friends and family to get healthier or ask me and we can do it together! Together we can do this, alone we have no one to pick us up when we fall.


Giving in


However we are human and I know that at some point soon I will give in and fall off the wagon in the next few weeks weather its cake, wine of a day off the gym we are only human. The thing I am telling myself though is that when that happens don’t hate yourself and give in further e.g. don’t then eat the whole biscuit tin because you snuck one cookie lol I know I can do this and all I have to do is plan around my own weak spots:


  • Avoid the restaurants where i know its hard to make the healthy choice

  • Ask friends not to offer you wine when out

  • Always have a plan B prepared for those last minute nights out when it comes to food (and drink)


I am early into my new life as a healthy fit woman but i know that as long as i can stick out these first 21 days and create these new habits the rest will follow!