3 Websites for Sustainable Shoppers on a Budget


Thrifting is often number one on the list of tips for conscious consumers on a budget. And for good reason- shopping second hand is a great way to leave a smaller environmental footprint while spending a fraction of the full retail price.


If images of long racks at Goodwill come to mind, you're right- that is one way to do it. But fortunately for all conscious consumers, there are now more creative ways that you can shop for used clothes. There are some very innovative people out there leveraging repair and reuse to keep clothing in circulation instead of being thrown away. Thanks to these efforts, you can now get high quality, brand name clothing for a fraction of the price, and you don't even have to change out of your pajamas. This is not your mother’s thrift shopping.


Here are 3 websites where you can lower your environmental impact, shop high quality clothing and save money all at the same time:


Worn Wear

If you are a fan of Patagonia, you might have seen images of their awesome wooden van that makes its way around the country repairing clothes. Repair and reuse has been written into their DNA since day one.


Now you can get repaired Patagonia merchandise online. On the Worn Wear website, you can browse a selection of previously owned clothing that has been lovingly restored. You can get their iconic pullover fleece for just $40, and if you’re lucky you may spot a down coat for $80.


I love the ethos of this site: that the imperfections of a used garment are like our own scars, that they tell a story. My grey Patagonia fleece has been with me climbing up mountains, traversing India by train and camping under the stars. If I ever passed it on for someone else to enjoy, a part of my adventures would be shared with that person too. 



Renewal Workshop


At The Renewal Workshop you can shop everything on the site at 25-40% off the original retail price. Similar to Worn Wear, The Renewal Workshop takes in clothing from their brand partners and expertly cleans and mends them as necessary. You get a great discount, plus tons of textiles have been diverted from landfill (literally, tons).


I love how innovative their process is. The Renewal Workshop cleans without using water with a closed-loop system that uses CO2. If you're interested in find out more specifics, visit their FAQ.



Rent the Runway


You may have seen a few people at the last wedding you attended wearing rented dresses, but did you know that you can rent your normal wardrobe? If you love always having something new to wear, this is a great way to both save money and share environmental impact across many users. For one monthly price, you can have all the new clothes you want, and then send them back for someone else to enjoy! Shipping items back and forth isn't a perfect solution, but it's an improvement to buying new and throwing away.


If you prefer to buy, Rent the Runway has a section called ‘own it forever’ where previously rented items are sold for up to 75% off. This is a wonderful way to shop designer used clothes that have been previously enjoyed by many people, and are also as good as new.


Do you have more ways to shop sustainable fashion on a budget? Let us know!