Month 2 of Project 333: January

It's been two months since I decided to try Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge, and I am already completely hooked on capsule dressing. I have been dressing myself with 33 items and it's going so smoothly that I have forgotten to take pictures most days for this post. I think so little about dressing myself that I forgot I am doing this challenge!

The first month came with it's challenges because I didn't feel that I had enough flexibility to be prepared for travel and extreme weather. The lesson that I took away from that is... rules are meant to be broken. Capsule dressing is more about a concept and way of life and less about dressing with exactly 33 items and never, ever adding anything new. Courtney Carver, creator of this project and the women behind Be More With Less, says herself:

"This is not a project in suffering. If you need to create a version of Project 333 that works better for you, do it."


As soon as I relaxed into it, I had much more fun with it. 

For example, just like last month I traveled to a warmer location. This time, New Orleans! Instead of trying to fight it, I reached into my 'off-limits' closet for the navy soft pant and lightweight checkered shirt that I packed for Mexico last month. They are pictured here on the left with my new alligator friend, Handbag :)

See that black jumpsuit on the right? That's a new item! Technically I'm not supposed to buy anything new, but I swear IT found ME! It fits beautifully, I love it, it was on sale, and I already had a place to wear it (on this bachelorette party in New Orleans). It brings me JOY and that's what this is all about right?


How Capsule dressing benefits my life:


I have zero worries about getting dressed

I literally don't worry about getting dressed in the morning. It doesn't matter if I'm working alone all day, I have an important meeting, I need day to night, or if I am running late. Getting dressed is always equally as easy.

One day I tried to make an outfit outside of my capsule. I wanted to wear only activewear so I could go for drinks straight from my barre class. It took me 20 minutes!! Note to self: create an activewear capsule wardrobe ;)

Interview ready with ease!


I'm refining my personal style

...and releasing some cash from my closest

Over the years I have held onto a lot of traditional business casual items, such as dress shirts, thinking that I might need them one day. I included 3 business casual items in my capsule, but I have not worn them a single time. This has helped me realize what my personal style really is, and that I don't have to keep hanging onto those old items. Ebay here I come! 


more joy


I pack so much easier

I am already good at minimal packing; I rarely travel with more than a carry on. But I do overthink what I pack. For example, when I went to trade shows last July, I ended up packing something that didn't feel like me in an effort to be 'fashionable, but casual, but unusual, but not trying too hard' *cue eye roll*. This time I effortlessly looked nice, put together, and comfortable. I even got some compliments! 

Comfortable, and prepared for Texworld

Packed for an exciting weekend in NYC!


Next steps:

I have one more month with this wardrobe. When the month is up, I am going to build the next capsule, and have a deep cleanse of my closet. 

more space
    less cost
        more joy


What are your thoughts on capsule dressing?



*Correction: a previous version of this post referred to Handbag as a crocodile