Stay Current in One Hour a Day With These Podcasts

With the amount of news and content being generated every single day, it can be hard to keep up. I know that I don't always have time to read the paper everyday, but I do have an hour or two during my commute to listen to interesting reporting and discussions about important topics.

These five podcasts are among my favorites, and will get you brushed up on current events and pop culture in no time. You will always learn something, sometimes take away actions to improve your life or your community, and solidify your status as the most interesting dinner party guest in the room.


Current events: Fresh Air


Listening to Terry Gross makes me feel like the kind of person that reads The New York Times from cover to cover in a sunny nook.

Fresh air posts a podcast almost every day of their popular NPR radio show. Terry Gross is thoughtful and tactful in her interviewing of guests ranging from New York staff writer Evan Osnos on his journey inside North Korea to Transparent creator Jill Soloway on being gender non-bionary.

With so much breaking news every day it can be hard to dive deeper into a story, especially one that isn’t dominating headlines. For example, how the use of antibiotics in the poultry industry is problematic for human health. Fresh Air is my go-to for staying current on important current events. 


Philosophy: Stuff Mom Never Told You


A ‘How Stuff Works’ production, Stuff Mom Never Told You discusses a variety of relevant topics through the lens of gender. Incredibly well researched and clearly delivered, Emilie and Bridget (formerly Kristen and Caroline) have taught me about Supreme Court Justices, the labor movement, mental health, the ‘mommy tax’. They unpack the problem with MLMs, why Walmart prefers that you don’t know that they own Modcloth and why same-sex relationships are more egalitarian.

Partly historical and partly tackling current events, it’s worth learning something from these awesome journalists.


Tech: Recode Decode


One of the most prominent tech journalists, Kara Swisher tackles every bit of news related to technology. Her list of guests is impressive to say the least: James Corden, Katy Tur, Shonda Rhimes, Hillary Clinton, Kevin Systrom and Sheryl Sandberg just to name a few. While the common thread is tech, the conversations are far reaching.

Kara will give you a deeper understanding of the future of business, social media, politics and media.


Television: Pop Culture Happy Hour


Ever have that moment when someone is talking about a show you have never seen? Of course you have, we live in the golden age of content. Pop Culture Happy Hour is a weekly roundtable that chats about books, television, music and movies. Consider it your best friend that is getting you all caught up on what is happening in pop culture so you are never left out of a conversation.


True Crime: My Favorite Murder


True Crime is having a moment. Law and Order has done a series on the Menendez brothers and everyone is talking about Serial’s coverage of Anand.

Want to get caught up quickly? Karen and Georgia hilariously walk you through one ‘favorite murder’ each per episode. You can hear about famous cases like the central park 5 and Jonbenet Ramsey, and obscure cases from the 1800’s. A little morbid, a little funny and a lot entertaining.


What is your favorite informative podcast?