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We have a big vision for the future: to use business to have a positive impact on the planet and the lives of the people that we work with and serve.


Above: Renee Rorer

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Hi! My name is Agi. I am on a journey of living a meaningful life.


It all started when I almost threw up in my boss’ office.

At least I said almost.

At 28 I was quitting my dream job as a fashion buyer in Europe. I had a wonderful life to that point, but I made decisions spontaneously and felt like there was something else I was supposed to be doing. So based off that feeling, I went through with handing in my resignation and I went traveling.

I lived for a short stint in Australia, road-tripped around both islands of New Zealand and backpacked across Southeast Asia. Not only did I meet amazing people and see amazing places, but I also learned to live out of a 50-liter backpack.


Back in my original home, the USA (sort-of, I was born in Poland, but I digress), I am building a more intentional life than ever before. That backpack took me from fashion buyer with an overflowing closet to an aspiring minimalist. I am more active in environmental pursuits than ever before. I live in a smaller city that is less stressful and easier to navigate, and I get outside often for activities like hiking, kayaking, climbing, and skiing.


Enter Active Joy. A fashion business built to honor that lifestyle by embracing my highest values:


  • Treat everyone you work with with respect

  • Be a good global and local citizen

  • Leave the planet a little better than how you found it


I hope you find something on my corner of the internet that inspires you! 


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